Locate the area where the tent is to be erected. Choose a spot that is level and flat free from sharp object. Remove the tent from carrybag and make sure all parts are accounted.
Place the tent in a vertical position with all poles pointing upward and spread out the rolled tent fabric.
Untie the Velcro strap and release the poles free around the center hub like a star.
Insta-set poles are pre- assembled to the tent as an integral part like an umbrella.
Lifting the tent assembly with holding center hub, shake the tent gently to allow all 6 pole lines to hang down.
Make sure the fabric of the tent isní»t caught between the center hub and connecting poles.
(If fabric gets caught, lower the center hub until fabric is released. Do not try to tug or pull fabric free as damage to fabric is possible.)

Start locking the first pole into position. While one person holds the tent assembly as high as possible, another grasps the pole approximately two inches above the upper joint with one hand and about one foot from the bottom of the upper joint with the other hand. Push down with top hand while pulling up with the other hand until the upper joint snaps.
The lower joint is locked into position automatically when the upper joint is locked.
After locking the first pole into position, repeat this step until the entire tent is set up.

Drive stakes through stake loops into the ground.
Insert one end of the pole into the pole pocket. Gently flex the pole and place the opposite pole end into the other pole pocket. Secure the rainfly to the pole by tying the tie strings around the pole.

Drape the rainfly over the tent roof, placing hood cut over the door. Hook í░Sí▒ hooks into the D-rings of the plastic stake loops. Secure the rainfly to the tent by tying attached tie tapes. Tent may be guyed if a high wind is expected.

Follow reverse step of the tent set-up instructions. Unzip door and window. Remove any sharp objects inside the tent. Do not remove the stakes from the ground by pulling the stake loops.
This may cause a tear out of the seam to the stake loops. Remove the stakes, guy ropes, rainfly and divider from the tent. Remove and disassemble the shock-corded pole for the rainfly.
To collapse insta-set poles, release the upper joint by pushing down the upper part of the upper joint and sliding down the lower collar of the upper joint simultaneously. If the lower collar does not slide down easily, push down the upper part of the upper joint a little more. While releasing the upper joint, another person may help by holding the center hub in raised position.
Unlocking the upper joint allows the lower joint to collapse Automatically.
(If the lower joint sticks into locked position While collapsing the tent, pick up the upper pole section of the lower joint and shake gently until lock releases.)
Unlocking the upper joint allows the lower joint to collapse Inwardly and the upper pole section of the lower joint to fall down over the lower pole section of the lower joint. Repeat this step until the entire the tent is collapsed.
Align the tent assembly like a star, keeping the tent frames radiating from the center hub. To roll the tent, gather together the poles like an umbrella assembly, tie together the end of the poles by Velcro strap and trim the tent fabric like figure <step2> of the tent set-up instructions.
Lay the tent on the ground and press any trapped air inside the tent. Fold up the tent fabric over the poles and roll the tent to ití»s minimum size.
NOTE : If the poles are not in correct position, do not force them but unfold and realign the poles before proceeding.
Pack the tent into carrybag together with the shock-corded pole, divider, rainfly, accessories and instruction sheet.